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2015 Awards

SAS 2015 is pleased to offer the following student author awards:
  • 5 Student Travel Grants - $500 USD
  • 1 Student Best Paper Award - $750 USD 
  • 1 2nd Place Student Best Paper Award - $650 USD

Award recipients must meet the following criteria:

i. The paper must be marked as a student paper in EDAS
ii. The student must be the first author
iii. The student must be registered & attend the Symposium
iv. The paper must be of high-quality content and be favorably reviewed by the SAS 2015 Steering Committee
Student Travel Grant winners will be notified shortly after the January 16 notification date. 

2014 Award Recipients

The SAS 2014 Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the following award winners from SAS 2014:
Best Paper Award
1st Place Best Student Paper - A Processing Approach for a Correlating Time-of-Flight Range Sensor Based on a Least Squares Method
Michael Hofbauer (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
2nd Place Best Student Paper - Predicting Cole-Cole Parameters of Microfluids with Microstrip Technology
Adam Santorelli (McGill University, Canada)
Student Travel Grants
Investigation into the Impact of Protocol Design on Energy Consumption of Low Power Wireless Sensors
Debraj Basu (Massey University, New Zealand)
Microfluidic Injector Simulation with SAW Sensor for 3D Integration
Hang Bui Thu (Vietnam National University, Vietnam)
Power Sensor Applications in a Load Management Network for a Residential Microgrid
Philip Diefenderfer (Bucknell University, USA)
Design and Implementation of Array Readout Integrated Circuit and Image System for Current Mode Sensors
Jai-Hao Li (National Chi Nan University Nantou County, Taiwan)
A New Approach on Advanced Compact Plasma Sensors for Industrial Plasma Applications
Christian Schulz (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany)